The Griffin Powermate

Griffin Powermate

At some stage you need to decide on what sound system you are going to use along with your PC. If you intend to plug the output from the PC into your existing stereo, you will still have a volume control knob to adjust the sound level.

However, if you are removing your existing head unit to make room for a display screen, and adding a separate amplifier, you will need some other means of volume control. Whilst it is possible to control the volume from a touch screen, this is not safe when driving. Experience has shown that people like the simplicity of a dial to adjust volume levels.

Enter the Griffin PowerMate This plugs into a USB port to give you back a volume control knob combined with a mute button. However, it is potentially very much more than that.

PowerMate is an "assignable controller". It can be programmed to carry out any number of functions - in any application. Its use is only limited by your imagination.

The powermate can also be programmed to act as an on/off switch for the car PC. To do this, it requires to be plugged directly into a USB port on the PC. It cannot function in this way if connected through a USB hub.

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