Fuel Consumption

Fitting a carputer will not help reduce fuel consumption. It will:-
  • allow you to record and display details of the mileage covered between refuelling stops, the quantity of fuel used, and the price paid.
  • if you use the On Board Diagnostics (OBD2) interface, allow better diagnosis of inefficient performance and give you the ability to restore correct running efficiency.
  • let you formalise your maintenance schedule and prompt you on screen when your next service is due.

There are many products which claim they can improve fuel consumption and/or increase power output. Currently, the web is full of adverts exhorting you to buy a kit to run your car on water. Attractive as this may sound, the principle on which this is supposed to work actually violates the laws of Thermodynamics and puts the concept into the realms of "Pepetual Motion Machines."

By all means test this for yourself, but ...

"If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck."

The tips below may not be exotic, but at least they don't cost you anything, AND they will save you money and help slow down global warming.

Fuel Saving Tips

1. Keep Your speed down
2. Maintain your tyres at the correct pressure.
3. Maintain your car properly.
4. Avoid sharp acceleration and sudden braking.
5. If you have cruise control - use it.
6. Turn off the air conditioning.
7. Do not carry un-necessary weight in your car
8. Remove any accessories e.g. roof racks, which increase wind resistance.
9. Don't leave the engine idling on cold mornings to warm it up.
10. Walk or cycle whenever possible.
11. Shop around for the best fuel price in your area.
12. Use regular fuel unless you have a high performance car.
13. Fill up at night or early morning when the temperature is lower.

"Do your bit to prevent the greenhouse effect getting any worse."