Why do I need a rear view camera?

The main advantages of a rear view camera system are:-

  • Improved Safety. The better visibility greatly reduces the risk of injury to pedestrians. The majority of accidents when reversing are caused by young children running into the driver's blind spot.
  • Save money by avoiding collisions with objects outside your field of vision. One trip to the repair shop will easily cost more than the installation of a camera system. This will also keep both your insurance premium and your blood pressure low.
  • Easier parking and manoeuvring when hitching to a trailer or caravan.

What type of camera do I need?

Click here for our guide to CCTV cameras.

How do I fit it?

Here is our generic guide to fitting. The positioning of the camera will be slightly different for each model of car.

What if I already have a vehicle sensor?

If your car is already fitted with vehicle sensors, that is considerably better than having nothing at all. However, your ears are no substitute for your eyes. Eliminating blind spots and seeing exactly what, or who, is behind you, provides you with the information necessary to complete your reversing manoeuvre safely.

Make sure you reverse safely. You can't be too careful - especially when there are kids around.

Car Reversing Towards Bollard

Keep your insurance claims and premiums low by avoiding that sickening crunch.

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