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The Galileo Project

Galileo is an alternative GPS system which isstill under development by the European Space Agency. Russia, China, India andJapan are also working on systems

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Decision Tree

This Decision Tree will help you to decide onthe components you need to build your carputer, by directing you to theappropriate web pages in a logical order.

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Which Carputer Frontend will you choose?

The carputer frontend is the one area where you have the opportunity to really stamp your personality on the installation. There is no correct or best choice. It is down to your individual preference.

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Add USB Hubs to Increase The Number Of USB Ports

USB hubs are used to provide additional USB ports. Although most computers have several in-built USB ports, the onboard ports can rapidly fill up, leaving none spare for future expansion.

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Tam's Ten

1. Motherless Children - Eric Clapton The opening track on 461 Ocean Boulevard, this also reminds me of the Not the 9 o'clock News TV show. 2. Happy -

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News Headlines

Some recent news items from Google News loosely connected to car computers.

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Auto Fuses

The primary function of auto fuses is protection of a circuit with electrical or electronic components. The most popular fuse type of auto fuse you will see on modern cars is the blade fuse.

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Carputer Wiring


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Fluxmedia Announce Pricing for Centrafuse 3.0

Fluxmedia have announced that Centrafuse 3.0 private Beta was released at the end of July. They are "still finalizing features and the release date" but have released details of pricing for new purchases and upgrades for existing users. The standard version of Centrafuse will retail at USD 79.99. No price has yet been given for the Navigation options. The upgrade price for existing users is USD 49.99. Anyone who purchases Centrafuse 2 after August 1st qualifies for a free upgrade to v3. With v2 on special offer right now at US$ 62.50, you can cut your teeth on version 2 and get version 3 free, all for less than the price you will pay if you wait until version 3 is released.

Microsoft Gives Notice on Windows 7 Release Candidate

Microsoft has announced that they will end downloads of Windows 7 RC on August 20. If you have not yet downloaded, do not leave it until the last minute. You will still be able to get a key after that date but the main download deadline is unlikely to be extended as the release date for Windows 7 has been announced as October 22. If you have already downloaded the RC, Microsoft are currently offering a reduced price upgrade to the full version, for a limited amount of time. However check the instructions carefully as there is a specific installation method you need to follow.

Expiry of Windows 7 Beta

A reminder for anyone who installed the Windows 7 Special Beta Edition. From July 1st 2009, this will start shutting down every 2 hours, and will expire completely on August 1 2009. You should download the Release Candidate from the Microsoft web site as soon as possible. Apart from being more up to date, it will not start shutting down at 2 hour intervals before March 1st 2010 and will not expire completely before June 1st 2010. that's at least the best part of a year available to you to play around with it and decide if you're going to upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released. Make sure you get your copy from Microsoft's site. See my previous warning about a pirated copy in circulation which contains a botnet.

The Solid State Hard Drive

Instead of relying on magnetic storagelike the HDD, or optical storage like CD's or DVD's, solid state hard drives useelectronic chips to hold the data.

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SSD Drives or HDD Drives?

I don't see 2009 as the the year when sales ofSSD drives overtake HDD sales. However, I'm convinced that will happen within the next yearor two.

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GPS System May Start to Deteriorate

US government officials are concerned that the Navstar GPS system could soon start to deteriorate due to lack of investment. This is according to a study published by the US government accountability office, which states that some of the crucial GPS satellites could begin to fail as early as 2010. If that is the case, the US Air Force may not be able to put new satellites in place in time to avoid interruption to the service. The full report can be read HERE

Warning about Windows 7 Release Candidate

Security specialists Damballa have warned about a pirated copy of Windows 7 Release Candidate which contains a botnet. This has been spread through P2P distribution applications. The best advice is to only get your copy direct from Microsoft. It is available from Microsoft's site as a free download until the end of July 2009.


The link to wOBD at www.obd2crazy.com has stopped working. If anyone knows an alternative URL from where this can be downloaded, please let me know and I'll post it on the OBD2 page.