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Collision Damage. Uh-oh, I didn't see that.

Dented Bumper

Cracked Bumper

The photographs show the type of fenderbender damage which can be sustained by reversing into an unseen low object, even at comparatively slow speeds. Auto repair prices have rocketed over recent years. Hourly rates of a whopping £180+ per hour have been reported in parts of the UK.

The average labour rate charged for automative body repairs and car paint damage, in each region of the UK, can be seen here.

Add on the cost of materials for the repair and the cost of a rear view camera system starts to pale into insignificance. Sensors will help prevent collisions in some circumstances but can fail to give warning of low objects. A combination of sensors and a rear view camera is the optimum solution.

REMEMBER - by avoiding parking collisions, you not only save money on repairs, your insurance premiums will also be lower because you have not made a claim.

Fitting a rear view camera and connecting it into your carputer system is a piece of cake. You can get further details on fitting rearview cameras and choosing a CCTV camera for rear view use by following the links. You can use the display screen already fitted for the carputer and wire the camera so that it automatically overrides the carputer display to show a rear view, every time you engage reverse gear.

Fitting a Rear View Camera

Fitting Guide. A generic guide to fitting a rear view camera in your own car.

Bumper Mounted Camera

Rear View Cameras. What you should look for in a CCTV for rear view use.

Parent and Child Warning Triangle

Make sure you reverse safely. You can't be too careful - especially when there are small children around.

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